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space. something that the united states can do here that no one else can do, this is now a naval operation. the united states navy is going to have to project themselves and try to help that way. but it is reminiscent of really depressing and sad pictures, but it's also the human factor. these are really hard operations. there is a reason the military is so large and often inefficient. and anyone with any experience of large organizations, there are sclerotic moments and that leads to people dying. >> there is a story out that president obama may be writing "newsweek's" cover story? >> yes. >> it's been a rough week. we haven't had anybody filing on time. federal office holders apparently have a hard time. the president is writing an essay for "newsweek" about why haiti matters. right now, we're in the middle of a very familiar and good ritual in american life. responding to the vivid, televised images of a terrible tragedy. we are texting money. the outpouring has begun, but what it will be like in ten days, what will it be like in a month? i promise you won't be talking about i
from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their terminology and the way -- >> you know what is sad? if he was talking about how barack obama -- >> that's the bad thing. >> we're going to talk about this in a little bit. >> look at this guest list. there is from mark halperin 'and john heilemann's new book. they are coming in today. we also have reverend al sharpton coming in, andy card, governor howard dean, john heilemann, mark halperin, mike allen, erin burnett. and andrea mitchell. you bring up a good point. some democrats were circling the wagon. what about so-and-so, when he said this? i would respond, people this is your majority leader in the united states senate, right now. in 2009. >> well -- >> and that's problematic that the guy thinks and talks that way. >> the only saving grace he has was he was speaking positively about then-senator obama, about his chances, about the go
, it's affect on the people of haiti. the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will be providing civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families, and their loved ones. >> all right. we're going to bring in on the phone now luke renner who is a had yumanitarian worker just li off the haitian capital. what can you tell us about what you have seen, what do you know about the situation there? >> well, just to clarify, i'm about 90 miles north of the capital. we did feel the earthquake. we felt all of the aftershocks, but we haven't experienced the same damage that port-au-prince has. i've been trying all night long to get in touch with our colleagues on the ground in port-au-prince. the entire phone system here is completely down. communicationwise, the backbone of haiti is basically a prepaid cell phone system, and from all indications, that's just completely been obliterated, so what we've been doing is tracking with our colleagues and coworkers and
there is someone more torn about this dilemma, and that is the president of the united states, who now realizes the reality of the situation. >> wasn't quite as torn during the campaign, was he? >> no. but he understand now. >> he understands now. it goes back to the conversation you had with a certain top official saying mike, if you knew what i knew every day, you wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. >> i was thinking about that the other day. the high-ranking guy, access to every security piece of paper that comes across the president's desk. he sees it beforehand, and i once asked him -- this is about a year and a half ago. and i said what's it like? you get up at 4:00 in the morning and you look at the intel reports. and if you look at what we see what the president sees, you probably wouldn't want to get out of bed every day. >> and he grapples with this and what our country is about. and it's the same issue with torture. they are very hard decisions. at the same time, what are we going to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now if we let this unravel. i agree it's very difficult. >> what
in the united states senate. >> thanksgiving weekend up in massachusetts. >> stand outside fenway in the cold. >> shake hands. >> you, too, can be a senator. >>> according to "the washington post," the fbi invoked false terrorism emergencies to illegally obtain more than 2,000 phone records during the bush administration. the bureau simply persuaded phone companies to turn their records over. a report says the fbi then issued approvaled after fact in order to justify their actions. >>> and with the late-night battle lines clearly drawn, team conan is taking its message to the streets. backed by a facebook phenomenon, fans of "the tonight show" staged rallies in four cities yesterday. conan made a personal appearance outside universal studios, even buying pizzas for hundreds of people standing in the rain. conan appears poised to leave nbc after he refused to move his show to a later time slot. meanwhile, jay leno who is set to take back his old show at the 11:35 start time says it all comes down to business. >> when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well, i think we did a good job
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
in the country's capital. the united states along with several european nations had closed their embassies in response to those threats. >>> for the first time since their arrest last month, five muslim americans are speaking publicly about their intentions to wage jihad in afghanistan. the five washington-area men who were detained in pakistan say they wanted to help fight western forces but deny any plans to carry out terrorist attacks. >>> a former u.s. intelligence official is confirming by reporting of richard engel that the suspect who killed seven cia officers in afghanistan last week was, in fact, a double agent. the official says the bomber, a jordanian doctor, had been brought to afghanistan to secretly infiltrate al qaeda. but instead of sharing information, officials say he detonated a suicide bomb at the cia outpost killing key u.s. intelligence personnel as well as a jordanian officer. >>> law enforcement officials say the suspect in monday's deadly shooting in las vegas courthouse was upset about losing a lawsuit over a social security benefit. a video posted on youtube capt
. that's what makes the united states great. we are able to provide the technical capability, the resources that they need. you mentioned the red cross. we're already moving rapidly. that is what americans do. we stands up and contribute when others are in these kinds of situations, and so the president is getting regular updates around the clock. he'll be giving an update himself this morning. he takes this matter very seriously, and is determined that his administration will be aggressive and bold and responsive for every cycle minute along the way. >> a lot of people are looking at the white house response and echoing the experiences from hurricane katrina. how -- how much is katrina in the back of the minds -- the response from the white house, the back of the minds of the people in charge of the white house, in terms of not just the response, but the worry about repeating the same mistakes or appearing to make the same mistakes? >> we have learned a lot by katrina and we have in place right now, far better systems, a great team of people who are responsible. we have a ne
of the tea party? >> they start by asking do you believe that barack obama is a united states citizen? do you believe that barack obama was born in america? do you believe that the constitution can allow states to separate out from individual deals on the health care plan? they're all sort of hot-button issues designed to find tape that will allow democrats to identify and marginalize republicans as being part of some sort of fringe. >> yeah. i was just going to say, if that's their plan, i would hope the republicans would take that. those are easy questions to answer, i would think, unless you are an extremist. hey, let's go to another issue right now that has to help democrats out with independent voters, mike. i'm sure it is causing a firestorm on the left. there are a lot of conservatives that say it's not really that big of a deal. but it is with independents. barack obama's expected to propose a major spending freeze to rein in the deficit, freezing 19% of the budget to so-called -- ska with me here -- the domestic discretionary spending. talk about that plan and whether he's going to f
to the united states or may want some money this is one of the top bankers in the entire country. he didn't want anything but to help protect america. >> by the way, this statement by brennaman is the very way this president leads. a number of times he has taken responsibility, said he is sorry, and moved on. and we've been often jarred by that. >> ironically, he will actually gain more political stature doing that, than by blaming george w. bush. it doesn't make a lot of sense, but at this point, when the white house blames george w. bush for anything, even if they have a good argument it makes them look small when they say, hey, the buck stops with me. doesn't it make the president seem more confident. it makes him seem like more of a leader. >> two quick things about that, joe. one a lot of people are sick about all of the references to the bush administration. it's over. it was a year ago. move on. that's in the rear view mirror. i was reminded about my conversation with a top-ranking national security official and it gets to the volume of threats. >> oh, yeah. >> i mean, just the sheer volu
square. let's take a look at the morning papers. "usa today," the united states is stepping up relief effort in haiti. an additional 7,500 military personnel expected to arrive today for a situation that's going from tragic to possibly chaotic. >>> "the new york times," more missed clues. there were far more warning signs than the administration has admitted. >> "the dallas morning news." tony romo walks off the field after being crushed by the vikings. tony doesn't have a pop singer to blame for his poor performance this year. can't blame jessica simpson, he sucks. i'm sorry. in the playoffs he does. no, he does in the playoffs. >> he fumbles. >> he sucks. >> yeah. >> "the washington post" obama stumps in massachusetts, his health care agenda at sick. democrats would lose the 60-seat majority if coakley falls. >> let's go to politico. >> no more commentary on tony romo. i would agree with you in the playoffs. >> the record proves. >> you remember the first playoff? he is supposed to hold the ball so they can kick it and win the game, and he fumbles it. they are paying him millions to
report commissioned by congress shows the united states is still unprepared to respond to a mirge biological attack, more than eight years after the deadly anthrax mailing. the white house and congress was given failing grades, and pointed to the response to the swine flu as en devidence of por crisis management. >>> and american forces are deeply involved in joint operations with yemeni troops to score thousands of terror leaders. the operation began six weeks ago, after approval from president obama. american special forces plan missions and share highly sensitive intelligence. >>> and kirsten gillibrand is fighting back at criticism from harold ford, jr. >> this is getting ugly fast. >> she's not even in it. the two democrats are eyeing a potential primary fight. he was accused to being a parakeet to chuck schumer. gil i bra gillibrand reported -- >> hold on a second. that's alliteration. big banker buddies. >> wow. okay. so -- this is going to be a fun race. >> it's already fun. >> and he hadnsn't even announc. >> he said he would do it here. >> he is from the state, and i und
, maybe we can talk a little bit off the haiti story about the wonderful work the united states military does around the world this is who we are, bringing help to people. >> it really is who we are. >> really quickly, by the way, when democrats do that, they don't hurt my kids, they don't hurt wealthy kids, they don't hurt middle class kids. they hurt the poorest and most needy kids in places again like we've gone in the bronx, to these schools. they are disgraceful. >> coming up next. >> the new york legislature is a disgrace. >> up next, david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." keep it on "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. my sunglasses. ♪ people say i'm forgetful. maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on. the subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year. would you like that to hurt now or later? uh-- what? (announcer) pepcid® complete doesn't make you choose. it neutralizes acid in seconds and controls heartburn all day or all night. pepcid® complete , works now and works later. all day or all night. - kids: cup-cakes! cup
of the united states senate. >> i'm not saying that excuses it. i'm saying i don't understand, where did that come from? >> he should know better. african-americans are the base of the democratic party. he has african-americans in senior positions on his staff. for him not to know that use of that word in this day and age would be problematic tells me or makes me wonder whether he listens to or understands or knows black people around him. >> it is interesting to me phrases uttered by politicians and spark these debates on race, and i do think it's fascinating what the debate is, but what harry reid said was actually correct, which is an interesting discussion to have. >> it absolutely is. >> well, yes. >> i think it's totally irrelevant because -- >> it's irrelevant to the issues that plague the white house today in terms of trying to get things done. >> it is irrelevant because what we are talking about is the use of a phrase, "negro dialect," that sounds, as i said, like it came from a 1950s southern country club or the set of "mandingo warrior." this guy is from another planet. he's
of the united states, a constitutional law professor at the university of chicago, should have known that so i don't have to explain that to a lot of people waking up drinking their coffee. you see, this president actually taught this. >> well, his great fear -- >> at the university of chicago. >> his great fear is not being able to match the fund-raising capacity of the republicans. that's their great fear. it was interesting to me last night, the president seemed much more animated in certain parts of the speech. showing a twing nekle in his ey. and i have a question for mort zuckerman. my question to you, mr. zuckerman, is was the president's personality similar at all at lunch as to what the american public saw last night? >> i think there were important differences at lunch. but the lunch is supposed to be off the record, so i'm not able to talk about it too much. >> then go home. what do you think we had you here for? >> i'll tell you afterward. in the environment of a small group of people, i think he was really concerned to deal with the economy. i mean, i think they understand very we
of of 45th president of the united states. >> how is president obama taking it? >> he's terribly upset. he thought he had a four-year deal in place. he moved his family across the country. a huge staff to worry about, and now his ratings have been low, but give the guy some time, for god sakes. one of the worst lead-ins in history. >> conan o'brien splitting from nbc. first let's took at the morning papers. do you want do that sr. >> i do. >> "the new york times." mitch mcconnell hopes democrats will abandon the health care bill. >> "wall street journal." obama retreats on health. >> "the washington post" obama claims the democrats' loss on his administration's failure to give voice to the angst over the economic problems in of the middle class. ". >> "los angeles times" the third day of intense rains in california. >> with us now, chief political correspondent for politico, mr. mike allen. he has a lock at the politico playbook. >> good morning, guys. >> let's talk obama's announcement on the big banks. have you information on what the white house is going to do. >> the president will go
is sworn in of the united states can lean on somebody who let's say has made this their life on capitol hill for 20or 30 years. we don't have that, so people focus on something else. >> to your earlier question. it's very difficult for a member of congress. more apt to come on this show and say we like what senator kerrey says, but they don't want to take on the armed services economy. th committee. it will take a tremendous effort to shift the focus to congress. >> do you think offensive military action in iraq, afghanistan, possibly in yemen, have depleted resources and distracted us from a true counterterrorism strategy? the policing, the homeland intelligence, which we've gotten failing grades on from various sourcesory the last seven, eight years? >> it's certainly possible. i think we're doing a much better job today than 2001. we have vast improvements in cooperation. much better capability to be able to identify those who are threats to the united states, and we are going after individuals. and i would individuals. in fact, the administration's reason they didn't take their eye
for the king of jordan, because this shows that they are a lot closer to the united states and the cia in these matters than they like to tell their own people. >> of course. and as you know, jordan has a palestinian majority. the cia and the united states, especially after abu ghraib, hugely unpopular in jordan. the bottom line here is also that this is a huge setback. i mean, this is analogous to what happened in beirut in 1993 when we lost our middle east cia intelligence brain trust in that horrible bombing. this is the loss of the very people who had been successfully fighting al qaeda. it shows that al qaeda -- something jack reed said to me on the air yesterday, who's on the armed services and the intelligence committees. the fact that al qaeda was willing to give up this double agent who they had spent a lot of time and effort implanting and embedding, and gaining the trust of u.s. and jordanian intelligence. the fact that they were willing to have him be blown up was evident that they knew they were going to get the top cia officials and some of the contractors as well who had
threatens new attacks against the united states. >> this one is interesting, though. they have a botched plan where you have another guy that sets himself on fire and doesn't do anything and this guy is taking credit. like -- >> didn't even know it was happening. >> basically he's doing the george w. bush. i don't make mistakes. maybe he's -- >> nbc has not individually confirmed that the individuaudi laden, there is little reason to doubt it. in the one-minute recording, bin laden claims responsibility for the attempted bombing in the detroit-bound jet. they believe he is using this in an effort to build support for al qaeda. >> chris licht, our executive producer, says i want to know who got him down to one minute. he needs some tips on us. >>> all right. right now, a massive search under way after a plane crashed minutes after takeoff. the ethiopian 737 was en route to beirut when it went down in pouring rain it went down in the mediterranean sea two miles off the coast. 23 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage. lebanese police have ruled out terrorism. saying the crash was likely
decided he wanted to be president of the united states, not president of the democratic party. that meant liberating himself from the congress. no president would want to have his or her own standing tied to the standing of congress, because congress is always unpopular. >> norah, we've been suggesting for a year that barack obama was elected to change america, and yet he's deferred time and time again to capitol hill, nancy pelosi with the stimulus package, when he came up with his own plan. and you could go down the list. cap and trade, henry waxman. banking, barney frank. this has been house and senate democrats here. any suggestion from the white house that barack obama is going to chart his own course moving forward and tell people, this is what i believe and this is what i'm going to fight for. >> well, the president indicated that he'd made some mistakes in that interview with abc's george stephanopoul stephanopoulos, that maybe he'd not conveyed better his own thoughts about how he should govern this nation. john's piece is brilliant in many ways, because if you think about it, th
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